Breeders’ Cup 2012 – Final Results

So the Breeders’ Cup is over, and I have totaled my hypothetical winnings (or, in this case, lack thereof). Here are the results:

Breeders’ Cup Friday
Cost: $72
Return: $77.20
ROI: .08%

Breeders’ Cup Saturday
Cost: $126
Return: $78.50
ROI: -0.38%

Cost: $198
Return: $155.70
ROI: -0.21%

In real life, I ended up down $10 from $40 spent on the weekend. Not the most profitable Breeders’ Cup, for sure, but we saw some great racing that made up for any lack of handicapping success. There was definitely a speed bias, which compromised the chance of some selections, but no excuses here, and it sure proved that Groupie Doll was a monster on Saturday in overcoming it the way she did. I can’t wait to see how the year-end awards pan out, especially in what is sure to be a very close vote for Horse of the Year. I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and experienced more success than I!


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